Why am I keeping busy?

I started this blog in July 2011, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While I was waiting for something to happen, people kept advising me to keep busy. In some ways it was fatuous advice, as if keeping busy would make all the bad stuff go away, but on the other hand, what else was I going to do?  So this blog became about me trying to keep busy during my treatment and all the lovely people who helped me to do this. Now, it’s two years later. Things are back to normal although, of course, things will never be pre-July 2011 normal again. In acknowledgement of that, I am reinvesting in this keeping busy business. Lots of things have changed for me, mostly either inside my head or inside my body and even though things are good, it’s hard not to feel old and a bit yesterday’s woman. So, in order to stem some of this, I’m going to get busy again. And I’ll write about it here. A post a week about keeping busy. That’s it. That’s the plan.


§ 4 Responses to Why am I keeping busy?

  • DI says:

    Lordy – the best read I’ve had in ages. You have a great wit! And I love all your lovely friends keeping you company x Well done from LA LA Land x

  • abigail gardner says:

    you will start to give David Starkey a run for his money Anne on all your art trips!! AbXX

  • eugenie says:

    Hi Anne, I sent you an email tl your hotmail account….Do you still use that email address?

  • I really enjoy reading your blog, you are an inspiration. I am planning a visit to London in the near future and top of my list is to visit the museums and galleries at ‘my’ pace and soak it all up! I adore London, it is my most favourite place ever. Hope all is going well with you x

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